Norfolk is often dismissed as being simply 'flat' - which is true of course for the most part! But here in the north west corner it's a land of gently rolling hills and woods, pretty villages, churches, castles and windmills. After all the Royal Family have their own country retreat, just up the road at Sandringham - so it can't be that bad! This part of the coast is also renowned for its amazing sunsets, as well as its subtle, pared-back beauty. And there are the birds of course - you will often see people with long-lensed cameras and enormous telescopes along the path to the bird reserve.

Here are some photographs taken around The Patch and further afield, out and about in North West Norfolk.

Teasels at Dawn, near the bird hide.An East Coast sunset from Snettisham Beach

Brancaster beach, 10 miles or so along the coast



The old shingle jetty at sunsetThe PatchTopper on the lakePath between lakesDucklings on the lawnOut of the mudMudlarking!












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